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Hi! You can call me Rebecca. I live in Florida and I hate it here. I've sold my soul to Marvel, which means everything hurts. I share my fic here, and reblog pretty much anything that catches my interest, which includes most Marvel things and bits and pieces of other fandoms.

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Captain America #25 - Adam Hughes

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In the major announcement of the panel, a special infinite comic called All-New Captain America: Fear Him is coming this fall (see the art in the story and above). The infinite book is by Dennis Hopeless and Szymon Kudranski, coming in six digital issues in October 2014.

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I did a thing, and it’s all jeanenjolras's fault.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron concept art by Ryan Meinerding

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yes, platonic


yes, platonic

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under high stress conditions, Cap retreats into his shield 


CA:TWS AU : Steve is out of the water, Tony finds him, H/C ensues.

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