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Hi! You can call me Rebecca. I live in Florida and I hate it here. I've sold my soul to Marvel, which means everything hurts. I share my fic here, and reblog pretty much anything that catches my interest, which includes most Marvel things and bits and pieces of other fandoms.

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After Xandar, you’re going to kill my father?

You dare oppose me?

You see what he has turned me into? You kill him and I will help you destroy a thousand planets.

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Oh Tumblr I am freaking out. Things are slowing down here at work and some people have already been let go. Last time this happened I lost my job and was unemployed — and deeply depressed — for five months. I can’t go through this again.


Motivational Tony Stark poster to go with this one

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When Lilo graduated from High School, Grand Councilwoman immediately calls her and tells her that she is really interested for her to become a future Captain of the Galactic Armada, but for her to do that she will first have to attend G.A.C.C. (Galactic Alliance Community College). Lilo is happy for the offer, but says that she will only accept if Stitch could go with her.

With the Councilwoman’s approval, both friends waste no time to pack their bags, excited of what their future awaits.

I would watch this so hard

Lilo and Stitch is my favourite Disney film of all times, and I’d definitely watch this.



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Kiss under the Inscope Arch.

That pic was a monster (open in new tab for a better res because Tumblr clearly doesn’t like the size and I didn’t want do make it smaller because of all the details).

(If someone repost it I’ll break their kneecaps)

Fanart for wordsplats Hashtag Finally

I took some liberties with the season and the daytime :)

Part 2 of  my autumn/fall series :p

Part 01

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616 fic but no incursions, Spider-Man is Peter and not Doc Ock. Based off a prompt from valerishka-s


Peter finds them first. He doesn’t mean to snoop, but MJ is at work and it’s not like he has anything else to do. Besides, it’s cool new technology Tony brought back from his space adventures. How could he not sneak a peek? 

The device looks nothing like the Starkphone Tony has given him, but Peter gets the impression that it’s meant to be similar. Despite its alien appearance, it’s familiar enough that he’s able to figure it out pretty quickly, and soon he’s exploring the contents. 

There isn’t much. Mostly pictures. They are all of incredible vistas out in space, and almost all of them have a caption attached. The pictures are so beautiful and, well, unearthly, that Peter is certain they must have been created in Photoshop. Either Tony used a picture he took while he was out in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy and then added to it, or else he just made the whole thing up. Whichever it is, the pictures are pretty amazing. 

The captions, though, are so cheesy that Peter can’t help wondering what Tony is thinking. He can get behind the idea of space postcards, some new money-making venture for Stark Resilient, maybe. But if that’s the case, Tony really needs to hire some new writers. 

Binary star system. Forever locked in orbit around each other. Like us.

Icy ringed planet, moon on the rise. Looks lonely. Makes me miss you.

Cloud with new stars forming. I like to imagine what you would say if you could see this.

Stopped a Badoon attack on a Spartoi colony today. You know how as a kid you think it would be fun for people to treat you like royalty? Trust me, it’s not. 

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Oh but what if the post-credits scene of Avengers 2 shows Ultron gone from Earth but finding a new home…in space. With the Phalanx.

What if this sets up Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Annihilation Conquest.

I would die of happy.