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Hi! You can call me Rebecca. I live in Florida and I hate it here. I've sold my soul to Marvel, which means everything hurts. I share my fic here, and reblog pretty much anything that catches my interest, which includes most Marvel things and bits and pieces of other fandoms.

Please feel welcome, and enjoy your stay!

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Steve & Tony

I’m so sorry.

Well this is awesome.

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winterstar95 replied to your post: Woo-hoo my tax refund has arrived! o/

yes but what of the frog and his 100s of children?

Thanks to my refund, I can now pay for a small fleet of security bots to roam through my plumbing and ensure that he and his buddies never return.

Woo-hoo my tax refund has arrived! \o/


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Just an outlaw. [for peterj-sonquill]

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Happy Birthday ;)

IRL friend sends this link, and she is not a stony blog. Y’all go check her out because she puts up with me and is frankly one of the most amazing people I know.

Seriously, have you seen this piece?

No but seriously go look at it at the link.


For reals this time.

Of course, as he’s walking out, my uncle says, “You should be glad it wasn’t a snake. If the frog could get in there, a snake could too.”

*runs away screaming*


Can’t sleep either, huh?

(Sam + Steve + road trip + crappy motels. From that night on they don’t bother to book separate rooms.)

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